Frank O’Donnell

President, Clean Air Watch

Frank O’Donnell is president of Clean Air Watch, a nonprofit, non-partisan clean air watchdog organization founded in 2004.

Clean Air Watch closely monitors clean-air and related activities on Capitol Hill, at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and at the state and local levels.

Formerly a successful broadcast journalist, O’Donnell managed a staff of 50 to produce the nightly, hour-long “Ten O’Clock News” on Fox Television/Channel 5 in Washington, D.C. for five and a half years. He earned numerous awards, including an Emmy and AP and UPI “Best Newscast” accolades.

As a print journalist, O’Donnell published articles in dozens of national magazines and daily newspapers, including the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Baltimore Sun, Newsday, the New Republic, USA Weekend, Washington Monthly, and the Progressive. O’Donnell was a frequent contributor to and later editor of the nationally-prominent Regardie’s business magazine.

O’Donnell graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University in 1973 with a major in classical Greek and Roman literature and history. He earned a master’s degree in communication in 1975 from American University in Washington, DC, where he has lectured and taught communication courses. In addition, O’Donnell was twice an elected member of the Kensington, MD Town Council and was licensed as a private investigator in the state of Virginia.