Friday, March 09, 2018

5 Fantastic Careers to Consider If You Care About Clean Air

(We often hear from young people who want career advice.  Sarah Davies has some interesting suggestions in this post.)

Clean water and clean air are vital if we want the next generation of people to be able to truly live. These goals cannot be easily achieved without the passion and dedication of the people who work in the fields that make them possible. 
If you’re ready to change careers and find a position that engages your environmental concerns, consider working in clean air. 

1. Air Pollution Analyst 
Air pollution analysts get to the root of the problem. Without them, we don’t even know what we’re trying to fix. You’ll collect and analyze air samples, identify the pollutants present in those samples, and figure out where they’re coming from. That information can be used to keep pollutants at a minimum You’ll be able to hold companies accountable if they’re the ones pumping the air full of chemicals, and work with regulators to help them keep those levels in check. Air pollution analysts are necessary to help us find a clean way forward. 
2. Environmental Lobbyist 
One of the best ways to have a significant impact on the world is by getting involved in politics. Environmental lobbyists champion causes that relate specifically to the state of nature, and work to build legislation that protects the environment. Lobbyists use findings from research organizations and air pollution analysts to make their case about what needs to be done, and within what timeframe action needs to take place. 
3. Compliance Officer 
Companies hire compliance offers or compliance support staff to make sure they aren’t violating environmental regulations. Some companies bring on compliance staff when they’re trying to transition into more environmentally friendly policies, like using renewable energy and eliminating waste. You’ll serve as the middleman between corporations and the environment, acting on behalf of the planet. You can help companies reach their goals while preserving the earth. 
4. Forest Conservation 
Trees are the world’s natural air filters, and deforestation is a massive problem. Not only does deforestation make it difficult for the animals who lose their habitats, it also decreases air quality. Without trees to filter out carbon dioxide and pollutant gasses, we’d all be in trouble. Trees create safe oxygen, and we can never have enough of that. By specializing in forest conservation, you can keep the air clean and the animals safe. Alternatively, you can accomplish a similar goal by working in bamboo farming, as bamboo is a sustainable alternative to wood. 
5. Eco-Friendly Manufacturing 
There are multiple routes into the field of eco-friendly manufacturing. If you’re simply interested in supporting the venture, you can check job boards for open positions in factories that are already eco-friendly. If you’re a little more ambitious, you can approach eco-friendly manufacturing from multiple angles. You can become an architect that designs the factory. You can invent eco friendly machinery, or become a mechanic that specializes in repairing and maintaining that machinery. You can design sustainable packaging from renewable sources, or you can install industrial solar panels or wind turbines to power those eco-friendly factories. There’s a career for everyone in green manufacturing
Polluted air is a problem that affects everyone alive, but it’s relatively easy to become a part of the solution. By devoting your career to making the air we breathe safer, you can make a positive impact that will last for generations to come. 

About the author:
Sarah Davies is a careers and education specialist, often working with people seeking to boost their careers opportunities and gain new skills. Currently, Sarah is supporting Open Colleges – experts in the field of education. Feel free to contact her on @sarah_davies_au.

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Shaun said...

Informative article here for young people who want to pursue an environmentally friendly career. Some great ideas they might not have thought of. I agree that politics is the route to really change policies for the greener and make a big impact on the planet.