Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The World Is Not Ours Alone: How Air Pollution Can Affect Our Pets

(Some times we forget that dirty air doesn't just harm people.  Guest blogger Lucy Wyndham explains the impact of air pollution on pets.)

The negative effects of pollution on human health are well-known. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), lung cancer and asthma attacks are just a few of the health conditions millions of people are forced to face owing to toxic air. Pollution is not just a human problem, however; rather, it also affects our pets, potentially shortening their lives by many years.

We Are All the Same
As recently as August, 2017, NBC Montana warned that in days of poor air quality, there can be a greater risk for dogs, than for humans, As explained by Dr. Dennis Dugger, Veterinarian, “Dogs have to pant to cool down, so they take in a lot more of this air than you or I would.” CBS affiliate KREM2, meanwhile, quoted another veterinarian as saying, “Their (pets’) lung physiology is exactly the same as humans, especially for cats and dogs. Birds’ respiratory systems are a lot more sensitive, so they (bird owners) need to be a lot more strict about keeping the air quality inside the house good, as well as not letting birds outside if that's what they do."

Signs the Air Is Making Your Pets Sick
Symptoms of respiratory distress in pets (as in humans) include coughing, breathing rapidly, and wheezing. Their eyes might also water, or become reddish. If your dog shows any of these signs, a veterinarian visit is a must. Your dog may have asthma, heart disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - perhaps in its earliest stages - so the sooner you obtain a diagnosis, the better. Pets should be kept inside the home if the air quality is poor.

Being inside does not mean your pet has to be inactive; cats can be kept active with toys, and there are many indoor exercises for dogs, including treat hiding (in one or multiple rooms), hide-and-seek (in which your dog has to stay put until you give him a signal to find you), ball throwing, etc.

To protect indoor air, filters should be changed regularly, smoking should be avoided, the home should be vacuumed frequently and cleaning products should be selected carefully.

Air Pollution and High-Risk Pets
Be extra vigilant of pets with a high risk of suffering serious consequences from being exposed to pollution, including dogs and cats with cardiovascular disease, asthma and lung disease. Sadly, the process is cyclical, in that constant exposure to polluted air can contribute to the development of many of these life-threatening diseases.

Since lung physiology in pets and humans is so similar, our beloved pets are subject to the exact same risks we are, when exposed to poor quality air. It is vital to protect our pets from exposure, keeping them indoors, particularly when they are already considered high-risk. As a society, we should also support initiatives to make our air cleaner, for we are not the only ones who depend on oxygen for life.


Anonymous said...

Great piece. And what a delightful dog!

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