Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Guest Post: URGENT ALERT-- Add Your Voice to Save California’s Bees and Clean Up our Air

[This is a guest post by Triston Mendez with the California-based Planning and Conservation League]

Every acre plowed up this last spring to grow corn for ethanol delivered a blow to California’s commercial bee colonies and efforts to clean up California’s air.

Growing corn for ethanol has caused the loss of huge swaths of grassland habitat—and plowed under millions of acres of land that California’s commercial bees depend on for summer forage when they are not pollinating crops. California’s commercial bees are essential to pollinating billions of dollars’ worth of crops and employing ten-of-thousands of Californians growing almonds, alfalfa, melons, citrus, avocados, and sunflowers. Destroying more grassland to grow corn for fuel will put already stressed bee colonies in further jeopardy and there are efforts underway in Washington DC to increase the use of corn-ethanol in our fuel from the current 10% (also known as E-10) to 15% (E-15) which will mean millions of more areas of grasslands lost.