Friday, November 11, 2016

UPDATE: Trump transition guy withdraws over lobbying restrictions

[This earlier post has been updated, below.]

As we all know the transition is in full swing. It caught our eye that one of the key figures — Michael Catanzaro — has been tasked with the “energy independence” portfolio.

He is being described, correctly, as an energy “lobbyist.”

But he is much more: He has worked for Senator Inhofe, former House Speaker Boehner, and even as a a political appointee within the Bush EPA and the White House Council on Environmental Quality. and and

(You will note he cut his D.C. teeth as a reporter for the late “Prince of Darkness,” Robert Novak.)

Clean Air Watch likely would not agree with him on much.   But don’t write him off as a mere lobbyist or underestimate his understanding of D.C.

UPDATE: Catanzaro withdrew because of Trump lobbying restrictions, according to Politico

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