Monday, December 22, 2014

Why Every Family Should Use Green Energy

(Clean Air Watch is pleased to present this freelance article from Gemma Burton)

If every family decided to use green energy for their home, they would cut down on ‘greenhouse’ gases while taking a stand against climate change.

The four major greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere are carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and fluorinated gases. Carbon dioxide is the number one pollutant. Its accumulation arises from fossil fuel burning in order to power our homes and fuel our cars and other methods of transportation. Deforestation also speeds up this accumulation because plants soak up carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere. With fewer plants, this delicate balance is upset, resulting in less oxygen and more carbon dioxide.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Why the US Chamber of Commerce is Wrong about Smog in National Parks

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is ramping up its campaign to derail more health-protective national smog standards. Get ready for lots of hyperbole and misleading propaganda!  

The Chamber, which has opposed clean air controls for many years, rolled out a new ditty claiming that under EPA's proposed new standards, a dozen national parks would be in violation -- as if to argue that the standards would be so strict that they could not be met because of naturally occurring conditions.
We took a look at this fanciful claim, and here's what we discovered:

Many national parks on this US Chamber’s list are great examples of why the revised ozone standard is needed so park visitors can breathe clean air. A number of these parks are heavily impacted by air pollution transported there from urban areas, and in several cases, oil & gas production.  In a few cases, the culprit might be forest fires, and the US EPA has a policy that permits exemptions in those situations.
Here are some details: