Monday, July 28, 2014

MIT Study: Smog Pollution Must Be Addressed Along with Climate Change

We came across a very important study this morning by MIT researchers:

Climate change and air pollution will combine to curb food supplies

Here is a quick excerpt of the release MIT put out yesterday:

Many studies have shown the potential for global climate change to cut food supplies. But these studies have, for the most part, ignored the interactions between increasing temperature and air pollution — specifically ozone pollution, which is known to damage crops.
A new study involving researchers at MIT shows that these interactions can be quite significant, suggesting that policymakers need to take both warming and air pollution into account in addressing food security.  [emphasis added]

As we are reminded by this week's hearing on carbon pollution, the US EPA is very mindful of the global warming issue. 

But when is it going to get serious and address the need to set science-based new smog standards?

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