Monday, March 03, 2014

Emission Control Companies Praise EPA "Tier 3" Standards, Cite Health and Economic Benefits

Tier 3 Regulations Will Generate Cleaner Cars, Healthier Air and More US Jobs, Says World’s Leading Manufacturers of Emission Control Technology:

Washington, DC, March 3, 2014 – “We commend the EPA for its leadership in acting to improve the air we breathe and stimulate the economy by adopting Tier 3,”  said Tim Regan, President of the Emission Control Technology Association which represents the world’s leading developers of emission control technology.  “Rarely does Government have an opportunity, as it does with Tier 3, to make such a significant, immediate improvement in the lives of all Americans.  As an industry, we are proud to stand with the Administration and a broad coalition of organizations in supporting these new rules.”

“ECTA is pleased, too, that the study we commissioned from Navigant Economics provided critical economic analysis showing that these regulations will not adversely impact consumers, but will stimulate billions of dollars in economic activity and create thousands of new jobs,” Regan added.  “Furthermore, the adoption of Tier 3 will enable domestic environmental technology manufacturers to produce new technologies for the U.S. market and export them to foreign markets with similar automobile standards, including Europe, Japan and Korea – and, over time, other significant markets.”

“Tier 3 is a winner for millions of American who regularly breathe unhealthy air and for the thousands of workers who will benefit from an enhanced manufacturing sector,” Regan added.

For More Information Contact:  Tim Regan (202-661-4155) or David Bushnell (202-288-8349)


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