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Guest Posting: Keep Your Home Free From Pests While Protecting Your Family and Pets

From time to time we receive "guest" contributions that we think might be of interest to those seeking a greener lifestyle. In the piece below, Sarah Smith explains how to keep your home free from pests -- while protecting family and pets.

Nobody likes the thought of sharing their home with insects or rodents. However, the thought of having toxic substances introduced into their home to minimize these pests is of great concern to those who are concerned about the health of their family and the effects of these chemicals on the environment. While many pest control services offer greener alternatives from harsh chemicals, there are steps that you can take that will help reduce the need to rely on these exterminator services.

Keeping the Pests Out to Begin With 
The best way to prevent many types of insects and of course rodents is to keep your house clean and clutter-free. This discourages pests from seeking out nesting areas and places to feed. Even so, some pests are persistent and may still decide to enter your home whether it is clean or not is they have the opportunity.  
Carpenter ants and termites are especially troublesome pests because they can cause damage to your home that will result with expensive repairs. Termite control can be achieved; however, without the need of toxic chemicals. One of the most important things to do is to remove items around the exterior of your home that will attract termites and carpenter ants.  
·   Replace any wood fencing that is rotted
·   If you have a fireplace do not store wood pile close to your home
·   Repair or replace any wood in your home that is dry rotted or has moisture damage 
Diatomaceous earth is a safe way to eliminate termites and carpenter ants from entering your home when you choose the food-grade variety. This substance is a chalky powder that is ground from the fossils of hard-shelled algae. The sharp edges of its particles are capable of piercing the exoskeletons of many insects. However, this power is so safe to humans and pets that it can be sprinkled throughout your home and in your garden to deter insects from damaging your plants. Some people use it as a natural flea control for their pets because it can be rubbing directly into their fur without the risks of poisoning from chemicals. 
Pests in the Home 
Ants and flies can be easily and safely deterred with items that you may already have around your home. Try scattering some mint leaves in areas where you have these pests and you will see a reduction in their population. Another safe method is to place small cloths with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in areas where you have seen flies and moths to discourage their infestation.  
Dried bay leaves are especially useful in deterring weevil and moths from gathering in your kitchen cupboards or drawers. These pests are often introduced into your home from your groceries, including bags of flour, cooking mixes or cereals. Spread a few leaves throughout these areas and you have an effective and safe method of pest removal that will not contaminate your food. 
Say Goodbye to Rodents Naturally
Getting rid of rodents with green methods can be a challenge, but it is worth it considering the possible consequences if a child or pet were to ingest poison in the process. Animals can also be victims of secondary poisoning if they ingest a poisoned rodent.  
The best bet is to keep garbage cans sealed and do not leave food out that would attract these pets. If you do have mice, opt for humane mousetraps that are baited with peanut butter. Just be sure when you release the prisoner that you do it far enough away from your home so that it does not return. 
These are just a few examples on how you can reduce pests in and around your home without the need of toxic chemicals. With a little effort and adopting a greener way of thinking, you can keep your home pest free and safe for your family and pets. 
(Sarah Smith is a small business owner, and is currently learning about non-toxic pest control, using the internet. Aside from working on her own business, she likes to use social media, and read travel books.)



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