Thursday, June 20, 2013

Breathers Beware! EPA Admits It Is Way Behind Deadline on Smog Standard Review

You can be excused if you missed or paid little attention to yesterday's announcement by health and environmental groups that they've filed suit in federal court to prompt the U.S. EPA to make a timely decision on updated national health standards for ozone, commonly known as smog.
(The announcement was, understandably, eclipsed by President Obama's address on carbon dioxide and related "messaging" by Secretary of State John Kerry and the President's staff.)

Buried in the minimal coverage of this announcement was a public admission by the EPA that it is WAY behind schedule in reviewing this issue!  Breathers will continue to suffer unnecessarily unless the lawsuit prompts a quicker decision. 

Here is a brief recap of the issue and the background:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Money Talks! Is it mere coincidence… or are oily campaign contributions greasing today’s congressional attacks against tougher smog standards?

Those of you who have followed this issue are well aware that in 2008, the US EPA set national ozone (smog) standards weaker than recommended by EPA’s independent science advisers, who warned that the weaker standards hurt breathers.  And that in 2011, the timid Obama White House – under political pressure from the oil industry – killed an EPA attempt to update the standards to better protect public health.

Now that EPA is again examining the issue, the oil industry is ramping up a new campaign.  The strategy appears to be a preemptive strike designed to scare the White House yet again. And  the oil industry appears to be using some its friends on Capitol Hill to lead the assault.