Thursday, November 07, 2013

U of MD Study Finds Cleaner Air Helps Chesapeake Bay: Another Strong Argument for "Tier 3" Cleaner-gasoline, Cleaner Car Standards

Here is a link to a very interesting study by University of MD researchers, who have found (somewhat to their surprise) that reducing air pollution has helped the health of the Chesapeake Bay.  

The improvement is due to reduced nitrogen pollution emissions in recent years from power plants and also motor vehicles. 

This study is a very strong argument for tough new “Tier 3” low-sulfur gasoline and clean-car standards, which would make further significant cuts in nitrogen emissions.  

Indeed, to quote our friend, Bill Becker, head of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies:

“Reducing sulfur in gasoline to an average of 10 parts per million will result in overnight reductions in the effectiveness of emission controls on existing cars, yielding a reduction in NOx emissions of 260,000 tons in 2017 when the program takes effect – the equivalent of taking more than 33 million cars off our nation’s roads,” said Becker.

“We know of no other air pollution control strategy that can achieve such substantial, cost-effective and immediate emission reductions as Tier 3.”

Little wonder that we – and a very large coalition of health, environmental, consumer, scientific and business groups as well as state and local agencies – are urging the U.S. to move as quickly as possible to issue final rules so these important emission reductions will actually begin in 2017, as promised.


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