Friday, May 17, 2013

Reliability Council: Environmental Standards Won't Threaten Electric Reliability this Summer

The opponents of clean-air controls often cite the threat of brownouts and blackouts when attacking new pollution limits on power plants. 

But now the nonprofit which aims to ensure electric reliability across America is out with a new report.  And the verdict: power plant retirements and cleanups to meet future environmental rules won't cause reliability concerns this summer.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation released its 2013 Summer Reliability Assessment this week.  Here are some relevant highlights:

"Retirements and retrofits to meet future environmental regulations are not anticipated to cause reliability
concerns this summer...

"Assessment areas across the United States report that federal environmental regulations have minimum to no impact on operations and planning for this assessment period. The impacts of recent retirements of fossil-fired generation are reflected in this assessment, and environmental control retrofits are not expected to impact generator outages for the summer peak."
Here's the full assessment:

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