Tuesday, May 28, 2013

EPA Obviously Complies with Legal/Procedural Requirements As It Makes Modest Time Concession to Oil Industry on Tier 3

The oil industry, having lost big time in the battle over the content involving EPA's proposed "Tier 3" low-sulfur gasoline standards, has shifted in recent weeks to argue about "process."

The industry has claimed it hasn't had enough time to comment on the standards -- which have been posted online since March 29!

But the EPA now has made a modest concession to industry -- one that should take away that bogus "process" argument.  The EPA has now agreed to extend the public comment period from June 13 until July 1. http://www.epa.gov/otaq/documents/tier3/tier-3-comment-ext-fr-notice-05-23-13.pdf

As EPA points out in a letter to the American Petroleum Institute,

the oil industry will now have more than 90 full days to comment on the rule following its publication online March 29.

We think it's time for the oil industry to stop its all-too-obvious stalling tactics and whines about "process."  You've got plenty of time to read and comment on the rule.  Let's debate the substance, which is this:

This is the most effective smog-fighting tool at EPA's disposal.  These standards will be the clean-air equivalent of taking 33 million cars off the roads.  And the cost to consumers will be negligible -- less than a penny a gallon.  No wonder every relevant stakeholder but one -- the oil industry -- strongly supports the EPA plan.

Here are some added thoughts from our friend, Paul Billings, with the American Lung Association:

To protect the public health, the cleaner gasoline and vehicle standards need to be on the books before the end of 2013.  Any delay will mean more people will get sick and some will die prematurely as they wait for healthier air to breathe.   When implemented, the standards will prevent 2,500 premature deaths each year.


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