Wednesday, May 08, 2013

149 Health and Medical Groups Urge President to Set Vital Clean-Gasoline Standards This Year

May 7, 2013

Dear Mr. President:

We the undersigned health and medical organizations urge you to support cleaner, healthier air and adopt cleaner gasoline and vehicle emissions standards as soon as possible. The nation needs these stronger public health protections urgently to reduce dangerous air pollution from cars, light trucks and SUVs.

We have seen first-hand the effects of these harmful emissions. Motor vehicles are a major source of ozone forming pollution which triggers asthma attacks, worsens lung disease and shortens life. Cars, light trucks and SUVs contribute to particle pollution which threatens heart and lung health, as well as increases the risk of premature death. Emissions from these vehicles also add to the toxic burden of those who live or work near the nation’s busy highways.

The new standards will protect our children, the elderly, those with chronic lung disease, heart disease or diabetes, and those who have low incomes. We strongly urge you to direct the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to issue final Cleaner Gasoline and Vehicle standards by December 31, 2013.

[The full letter and list of signers is here: ]

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