Monday, March 04, 2013

One of Washington's worst-kept secrets! McCarthy (finally) to be named as new head of the EPA

Gina McCarthy’s nomination was obviously one of Washington’s worst-kept secrets!

But, seriously, Clean Air Watch enthusiastically applauds this decision.

Every American is – or will soon be – breathing cleaner air because of McCarthy. As the head of EPA’s air division, she spearheaded vital public health protections, including historic mercury controls for coal-fired power plants, tougher new air quality standards for fine-particle soot, and landmark greenhouse gas standards for cars and trucks.

Breathers need McCarthy now more than ever as EPA prepares to tackle critical air quality challenges, including the need for smog-fighting lower-sulfur gasoline, updated national ozone air standards, and greenhouse gas standards for both new and existing power plants.   Dealing effectively with climate change is the challenge of a lifetime.

Perhaps needless to say, EPA also needs a strong leader as it faces furloughs and budget cuts. Breathers could be harmed if too many environmental cops are taken off the beat and air pollution monitoring is reduced.

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