Friday, March 29, 2013

Health, Environmental, Scientific and Consumer Groups Praise EPA Clean-Car, Clean-Gas Standards: a Brief Roundup

Here is a brief roundup of excerpts of comments by some key health and environmental groups regarding today's proposal by the EPA to require smog-fighting, lower-sulfur gasoline and tougher tailpipe pollution standards:

American Lung Association:

"Using lower-sulfur gasoline in cars currently on the road will reduce as much pollution as taking 33 million cars off the road," said Paul G. Billings, senior vice president of the American Lung Assn. "This pollution triggers asthma attacks, worsens lung and heart health and can even lead to early death."

Union of Concerned Scientists:

“The path from a car’s tailpipe to our lungs is surprisingly short, and more than 1 in 3 Americans live in areas where air pollution levels exceed at least one federal limit,” said Michelle Robinson, director of UCS’s Clean Vehicles program. “Today’s proposal is a common-sense step that will protect our health while growing our economy.”

Sierra Club:

“Everyone from automakers and auto workers to public health agencies and the American public recognize the connection between cleaner cars, jobs, children’s health, and a stronger economy. The only ones against these standards are the oil companies, who oppose anything that requires them to clean up their act. Moving forward with these clean air protections is a commonsense step to improve public health and clean up our cars, while holding Big Oil accountable for their polluting ways.” (from Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director)

Natural Resources Defense Council:

“These common-sense standards will save lives, save money and clean up our air - all at a minimal cost.

“Big Oil companies want us to believe these benefits aren’t worth it. But that’s because they care about profits above all else.”
(from Luke Tonachel, NRDC senior vehicles analyst)

Environmental Defense Fund:

“The new Tier 3 standards will make our cars cleaner, and that means we’ll have cleaner air to breathe,” said EDF’s Mark MacLeod. “Reducing tailpipe pollution will provide healthier, longer lives for millions of Americans for less than a penny per gallon of gas. That’s why updating the standards has such broad support from U.S. auto makers, state health commissioners, and health advocates.”

Consumers Union:
Shannon Baker-Branstetter, policy counsel for Consumers Union, said, “Vehicles have gotten cleaner over the years, but unfortunately too many Americans still struggle with health issues like asthma and respiratory problems that come from breathing in air heavy with smog and other pollutants.  These standards are expected to be highly cost-effective in cleaning up gasoline and tailpipe emissions. These minimal costs will be largely outweighed by the savings that come from the huge health benefits we get from cleaner air. In addition, lower sulfur gasoline will allow automakers to choose from more efficient technologies that can improve both emissions and fuel economy at a lower cost. We are pleased to see cleaner gasoline and tailpipe rules moving forward and urge regulators to work efficiently to finalize and implement them.”

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