Friday, March 29, 2013

Emission Control Makers Hail EPA Clean-Car, Clean Gas Proposal

The following statement was issued by the Emissions Control Technology Association, which represents the world's leading manufacturers of mobile emission controls:

"As the companies who have developed the cutting edge technology to reduce mobile source emissions by more than 90 percent, the Emissions Control Technology Association (ECTA) commends President Obama's leadership in proposing a Tier 3 regulation that will improve public health and strengthen our domestic manufacturing base.
The benefits of Tier 3 will far outweigh the cost. ECTA sponsored a study authored by Navigant Economics demonstrating that Tier 3 would very likely: (1) not raise gas prices, (2) increase the cost of refining by only 1-2 cents per gallon, (3) generate more than 25,000 jobs, and (2) generate $5-6 billion in positive health benefits annually by 2020. 

The Tier 3 regulations will also allow auto companies and their suppliers to continue working together to ensure that emissions control technology deployed in the United States remains the gold standard for the rest of the world.  Already Europe and China have moved to reduce sulfur content in gasoline, creating new markets for U.S. companies and their tens of thousands of workers to pursue.

ECTA looks forward to continuing our long-standing working relationship with EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to promote a harmonized national emissions standard that improves air quality, enhances public health, and creates good jobs here in America. "


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