Friday, March 29, 2013

Benefits of EPA's Clean-Car, Clean-Gas Plan Far Outweigh the Costs

From the US EPA:

Tier 3 is among the most highly cost-effective air quality control measures available. 

The program would cost about a penny per gallon of gasoline, and about $130 per vehicle. The annual cost of the overall program in 2030 would be approximately $3.4 billion; however, EPA estimates that in 2030, the annual monetized health benefits of the proposed Tier 3 standards would be between $8 and $23 billion.
By 2030, the Tier 3 standards would annually prevent:

  • Between 820 and 2,400 premature deaths
  • 3,200 hospital admissions and asthma-related emergency room visits
  • 22,000 asthma exacerbations
  • 23,000 upper and lower respiratory symptoms in children
  • 1.8 million lost school days, work days and minor-restricted activities

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