Monday, February 11, 2013

Ten Good Reasons Why We Need Cleaner Gasoline and Vehicles

As you may know, the White House Office of Management and Budget has recently begun reviewing an EPA proposal to require lower-polluting gasoline and motor vehicles – known in the jargon of the bureaucracy as the “Tier 3” program.

Health and environmental groups – as well as others including industry, labor, and state and local government agencies – are urging the Obama administration to propose the plan officially ASAP and put these vital health protection standards in place by the end of the year. and

With that in mind, we thought it might be timely to itemize some good reasons why the White House should let EPA get moving. Here are 10 good reasons, with apologies to David Letterman:

10) Every stakeholder group supports this plan except one – the oil industry and its affiliates.

9) The plan would enable use of technologies to improve vehicle fuel economy.

8) More than one in three Americans still live in areas with dirty air.

7) This would be the clean-air equivalent of taking 33 million cars off the roads.

6) Consumers would not notice any price increase at the pump.

5) Every car on the road would immediately pollute less.

4) The public strongly supports cleaner gasoline and vehicles, according to an American Lung Association survey

3) The plan would create jobs and bolster the economy.

2) This is the single most effective tool to tackle smog-forming emissions.

1) Breathers would receive the benefit of cleaner air.

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