Thursday, November 29, 2012

Coalition leaders hail Senators' call for clean-gasoline standards

As you may be aware, Senator Gillibrand and 12 of her Senate colleagues are sending a letter today to the US EPA, urging the agency to move swiftly on the so-called Tier 3 low-sulfur gasoline standards –  the most effective smog-fighting tool available – one that would immediately make every car on the road pollute less.

Positive reactions are already coming in from members of the broad and diverse coalition supporting this critical clean-fuel initiative.  Please note some sample reactions, below.



 From Bill Becker, executive director of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies:

 “There is not another air pollution control strategy that we can think of that offers as substantial, expeditious and cheap emissions reductions as Tier 3. This program will reduce 240,000 tons of NOx emissions overnight for less than a penny a gallon.”


From the Emissions Control Technology Association:

 ECTA Congratulates Senator Gillibrand and Her 12 Colleagues for Advancing Tier 3.

Washington, DC, November 29, 2012 – Tim Regan, the President of the Emissions Control Technology Association, applauds Senator Gillibrand and her colleagues for taking a stand on Tier 3.  Regan said, “The emissions control industry congratulates Senator Gillibrand and her colleagues, Senators Blumenthal, Brown, Cardin, Durbin, Lautenberg, Kerry, Lieberman, Menendez, Merkle, Murray, Schumer, and Whitehouse, for strongly urging the Administration to move forward with great haste to propose and adopt Tier 3.”  He highlighted the importance of Tier 3 to the industry, stating that, “The industry needs certainty associated with this rule to launch the technology development process needed to manufacture products to meet the new standards for model year 2017.  If the rule slips any further, it will delay the implementation of a nationwide standard for a year.  This will diminish the job creation and clear air benefits associated with Tier 3.  Americans are clamoring for jobs and improved air quality.  The time to act is now.”



From Michelle Robinson, Director of the Clean Vehicle Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists

“The administration took a bold step toward delivering a cleaner car for the American driver when it finalized new fuel efficiency and global warming pollution standards for passenger vehicles, but there is more to do.  We applaud Senator Gillibrand and her colleagues for urging the administration to take the next step to limit tailpipe emissions and reduce the sulfur content of gasoline.  With this standard, our vehicles and the air we breathe will be cleaner, and our public health will be the better for it.”



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