Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Ky power co scraps cleanup plan; a good case study about the need for cleaner, low-sulfur gas

As you may know, this week the Kentucky Public Service Commission okayed a deal that would permit a small electric rate increase associated with an environmental compliance plan for the Big Rivers Electric Corp.

One interesting angle is that the power company scrapped key parts of its cleanup plan in light of the recent court decision against EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule.  In other words, this power coop will continue to spew more smog and soot-forming emissions than it had planned before the court decision.  (Which, by the way, we still hope EPA will appeal.)

There is still a huge smog problem in that part of the country; to cite one small example, an air pollution monitor in Paducah had recorded 13 unhealthful days of smog this summer through the end of August.  As we have noted,  the problem is persistent and widespread.

This situation underscores the dire need for new smog-fighting tools, especially cleaner, low-sulfur gasoline. 

You may have seen the interesting exclusive yesterday in EnergyWire, which reported that Big Oil muckety mucks met with White House adviser Valerie Jarrett around the time EPA was expected to propose low-sulfur gas standards. (If not, you might want to read it:  )  EPA got real quiet on this topic after that meeting.

The clean gas proposal is languishing.  But we still believe it is crucial.  And the Kentucky situation only underscores how important it is.


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