Thursday, June 28, 2012

Federal highway department refutes industry claims that EPA standards routinely lead to bans on road construction

A follow up to our prior post is the fact sheet below, courtesy the federal highway administration.

It basically refutes the nonsense presented today at the House hearing on EPA's particle soot proposal.

Will my community lose highway funds if it doesn’t meet revised standards?

•No. This is a common misunderstanding. Violating a standard, or being designated as nonattainment for a standard, does not jeopardize a community’s highway funds. Withholding highway funds is an extraordinary measure that would only be considered if a states repeatedly failed to take actions required by the Clean Air Act.

More detail:

•The possibility of losing highway funds related to a nonattainment designation doesn’t come up until several years after a designation – if it comes up at all. There are three situations that may trigger possible highway funding sanctions:

o If EPA finds that a state has failed to submit a required clean air plan (a state implementation plan, or SIP) for a nonattainment area;
o If EPA disapproves a required SIP or revision; or
o EPA finds that a requirement of an approved SIP is not being implemented

•If EPA makes one these findings, the Clean Air Act gives states up to two years to correct deficiencies and avoid highway sanctions. Highway sanctions have rarely been imposed.
•For more information on highway sanctions:

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