Thursday, May 03, 2012

Romney alleged "jobs" plan includes attacks on Clean Air Act, clean air standards and EPA

See below from the Romney "jobs" plan:

Reform Environmental Regulation

As president, Mitt Romney will eliminate the regulations promulgated in
pursuit of the Obama administration’s costly and ineffective anti-carbon agenda.

Romney will also press Congress to reform our environmental laws and to
ensure that they allow for a proper assessment of their costs. Laws that forbid cost assessment may have had some merit in the era in which they were passed. But that was a time when the environment was severely contaminated and the United States enjoyed full employment and low energy prices. Today, such laws are a costly anachronism and are in urgent need of reform. Romney will seek to amend the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts to ensure that cost is taken properly into account at every stage in the regulatory process.
[TRANSLATION: Since its creation under President Nixon in 1970, the Clean Air Act has required EPA to set national clean air standards for widespread air pollutants (such as ozone or fine particulate matter) based solely on medical science. Cost is not permitted as a factor in setting standards because Congress wanted to make sure that the air standards truly alert the public when the air is dirty. The Supreme Court unanimously upheld that interpretation of the law. Big polluters -- especially oil companies -- have been working since 1970 to change the law because they believe adding cost to the definition would work in their favor. At the behest of the oil industry, a House subcommittee voted in favor of just such a change as it pertains to national air standards for ozone. Romney has now cast his lot with this crowd in calling for a radical change in the Clean Air Act. The Clean Air Act, by the way, has created jobs! So this thoughtless change would do nothing but help oil companies evade cleanup -- and likely drive up health care costs associated with dirty air.]

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