Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Coal lobby and its ties to coal-state rebellion and the National Association of Dirty Air Agencies

According to testimonials on its web site, the consulting firm Stateside Associates has been a "great resource" for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity in its efforts to "work with the Governors and the State Environmental Commissioners."


“The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) has been a client of Stateside for over ten years. We rely on their expertise to help us work with the Governors and the State Environmental Commissioners. But in addition to that work, Stateside has proven a great resource for ACCCE because of their breadth of knowledge and experience and their ability to add value and perspective over the years to many parts of our State Government Affairs efforts.”

Mark Ourada
Vice President, External Affairs
American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity

One manifestation of this, according to today's Politico Pro, was a recent dinner in Austin sponsored by Stateside Associates. At that dinner, Scott Nally, head of the Ohio EPA, tried to enlist other states to join his efforts to form a new pro-industry splinter group of state environmental officials to counter the long-time effective voice of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies. Noted Politico:

Nally made a pitch in person to some state officials at a dinner in Austin, Texas, during the Environmental Council of the States conference in March. The dinner was sponsored by Stateside Associates — a firm that represents industry groups such as the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

Nally has followed that up with a memo (below) asking like-minded states (including Texas) to come up with a new name for his organization.

Could anything be more appropriate than the National Association of Dirty Air Agencies, or NADAA?

Interoffice Memo

To: State Colleagues
From: Scott J. Nally, Director, OhioEPA
Date: May 7, 2012
Re: New National Air Quality Organization

Thank you to those states that could participate on the call last Friday. There will be a number of activities taking place to organize, create, and launch the new national air quality organization. Here is a summary of the next steps that will be occurring over the next few weeks:

1. Finalize a name for the organization. We will send out a note later today asking for suggestions, then later conduct a round or two of voting and go forward with a final selection.

2. Finalize the Request for Proposals (RFP) and the list of entities to receive the RFP package. The goal is to issue the RFP by the end of the month of May.

3. Finalize the by-laws of the organization.

4. Formally file the papers of incorporation in one of the member states.

5. Texas has volunteered to begin to coordinate the identification of technical issues that are of concern to our agencies.

I recognize that all of you receive many emails each day, but you will be copied on these early emails so that you can stay abreast of
developments. If you have not provided a technical contact name, please do so that we can be sure that your state is active and has a
voice in the development and operation of this new group.

Again, thanks for your continued support for this new organization.

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