Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rand Paul dirty-air plan gets clobbered in the Senate 41-56

Sen.Rand Paul's dirty-air resolution to nullify EPA's "good neighbor" pollution rule was clobbered today in the Senate, 41-56, as six Republican senators (Alexander-TN,Ayotte-NH,Brown-MA,Collins-ME, Kirk-IL and Snowe-ME) broke ranks to oppose his resolution. Here is the vote count:

Perhaps the high point of the debate was the floor speech by Senator Lamar Alexander, who denounced the plan, which he said would just mean more "dirty air" from Kentucky blowing into his state. Alexander said he "wants to see the Great Smoky Mountains, not the Great Smoggy Mountains."

Paul had little to say as a rejoinder except the mindless mantra about "job-killing" EPA coined by the polluter-funded Americans for Prosperity.

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