Wednesday, September 21, 2011

State and local clean air agencies urge Congress to reject "TRAIN" dirty-air act

It took some real courage for these agencies to stand up to the bullies in Congress and tell the truth about the appalling damage the “TRAIN” act would cause.

Here is a link to the letter, with some highlights below:

Above all, NACAA fears that H.R. 2401 will create potentially indefinite
delays in issuing important U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules
that are designed to prevent thousands of premature deaths and many more cases
of sickness throughout the country each year. H.R. 2401 would prohibit EPA
from taking final action on several critical rulemakings until six months after a
report is issued by a committee formed under the Act. For at least two of these
rules – the “Mercury and Air Toxics Standards” (MATS) for power plants and the
“Cross-State Air Pollution Rule” (CSAPR) – this would mean a postponement of
at least 15 months and 19 months, respectively, in enactment of the crucial public
health protections afforded by these regulations. Furthermore, H.R. 2401 would
eliminate the statutory deadlines for ever issuing these regulations.

The public health consequences of these postponements are staggering: using EPA’s own data, if H.R. 2401 were enacted, the 15- and 19-month delays in the finalization of MATS and CSAPR could result in over 30,000 premature deaths, with an additional 25,000 deaths expected with every further year of delay...

In summary, NACAA is extremely concerned that H.R. 2401, if adopted, will create
regulatory delays that could lead to thousands of premature deaths, remove important regulatory tools upon which states and localities depend, impose additional costs on government as well as small businesses, create regulatory uncertainty, cause job losses and de-fund an important and cost-effective air pollution control program.

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