Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inhofe's kooky climate nitpicking at taxpayer's expense

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) is out with a kooky blast this morning
assailing the US EPA's "endangerment" finding that global warming poses a threat to health and the environment.

As you may recall, the EPA finding triggered new greenhouse gas standards for motor vehicles and other EPA climate requirements.

Inhofe, the Senate's most infamous climate science skeptic, launched his new attack after receiving a still-unpublished report by EPA's Inspector General -- a report that Inhofe himself asked for. (Taxpayers paid $300,000 for this report, by the way.) The report is supposed to come out later today, but Inhofe has already used it, with some success, as a pr vehicle.

The report purports to challenge the process EPA used to make its finding. EPA, as you may recall, reviewed prior reports by the National Research Council and other experts.

Once you cut through all the bs, this is just silly bureaucratic nitpicking. And it's particularly ironic given that Inhofe loves to bash bureaucrats. I guess not when he is using the bureaucracy and taxpayer's dollars for his own pr purposes.

The report notes, by the way, that EPA

EPA fulfilled the statutory requirements for notice and comment rulemakings
mandated in the Administrative Procedure Act and in Section 307 of the CAA [Clean Air Act]

and that the Office of Management and Budget
believes that EPA reasonably interpreted
its requirements.

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