Friday, July 29, 2011

What our friends at the Safe Climate Campaign say about new fuel economy deal

Dan Becker
Director, Safe Climate Campaign
Contact: Dan Becker
For Immediate Release

Statement On The Obama Administration’s Emissions And Mileage Standards

While the president’s proposal is a significant acceleration in the fight against global warming and oil addiction, it was weakened by auto industry lobbying.
Automakers have seeded it with loopholes that weaken the oil, pollution and gas-pump savings.

Specifically, automakers demanded and won standards that are weaker for trucks than for cars and even weaker for large pick-ups. They got credits for air conditioning, electric vehicles and even something called “active transmission warm-up.”

An auto industry that owes its survival to taxpayer bailouts ungratefully flouted the public’s demand for fuel efficiency and less pollution, fighting for loopholes until the bitter end. We will use every opportunity, including the mid-term review that the automakers demanded, to strengthen the standards.

In the year before these new standards become final, we call on the Obama administration to close the loopholes, and on the auto industry to make greater use of technology, to tamp down emissions and improve mileage. That is the only way we will begin to fight our oil addiction, spend less at the pump, clean up our atmosphere and help make the American auto industry competitive in the global market.

The Union of Concerned Scientists and Natural Resources Defense Council estimate that in 2030 the standards will save as much as:

280 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent,
1.5 million Barrels per day of gasoline,
$80 billion at the gas pump.

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The Safe Climate Campaign is an environmental organization that advocates strong measures to fight global warming.

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