Thursday, July 28, 2011

EPA proposes new air standards for "fracking" -- standards that will save industry money

For an agency that is frequently attacked as "job killing," this new EPA proposal should make people sit up and take note.

EPA has proposed new clean air requirements that not only would reduce pollution but save industry money!

These are proposed air standards for "fracking" and related oil and gas extraction activities.

As EPA notes:

An estimated 11,400 new wells are fractured each year; another 14,000 are re-fractured to stimulate production or to produce natural gas from a different production zone.

As you may know, gas extraction is causing new smog problems in places like Wyoming and Utah that historically were pretty "clean."

EPA's proposal would

cut smog-forming volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by nearly one-fourth across the oil and gas industry, including a nearly 95 percent reduction in VOCs emitted from new and modified hydraulically fractured gas wells. This significant reduction would be accomplished primarily through use of a proven technology to capture natural gas that currently escapes to the air. That gas would then be made available for sale.

The estimated revenues from selling the gas that currently goes to waste are significant – so much so that today’s proposed rule is anticipated to quickly result in a net savings of nearly $30 million annually, while significantly reducing pollution from this expanding industry.

I wonder if any of EPA's critics will now say something nice about the agency?

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With everything going on with the EPA, I hope this new proposal wouldn't tick everyone's nerves. I hope this new proposal will able to help the environment.