Friday, June 17, 2011

Former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt Headlines Those Trying at White House to Influence Final EPA Power Plant Rule

As you may be aware, the White House Office of Management and Budget is reviewing final EPA rules aimed at reducing dangeous pollution from coal-fired power plants that blows from one state to another. (This is the rather badly named "Transport" rule, which is intended to replace the legally flawed Bush EPA "Clean Air Interstate Rule.)

This is very crucial rule -- one that will reduce harmful pollution and improve public health.

And now that it's coming down to the wire, there's been a flurry of meetings at the White House in the past few weeks as various interest groups make final attempts to influence the decision.

OMB has just posted notice of some of these meetings online at

Headlining those supplicants is former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt, among those who attended a May 25th meeting. He appears to have been representing one of his clients, General Electric. (Gephardt also lobbies for Peabody Energy.)

Other meetings have included representatives from the Utility Air Regulatory Group and specifically Duke Energy (we guess they are fighting for some breaks), Luminant Energy, which seems to want a break for Texas, Texas Electric Cooperative, and various environmental groups.

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