Monday, May 16, 2011

Greenwire: power plant union backs AEP dirty-air legislation

It is unfortunate that the dirty-air lobbyists at American Electric Power have scared union workers into backing the power company's effort to delay vital clean air requirements. Such a delay would mean thousands of premature deaths and much disease.

It's doubly bad because studies have shown that the EPA cleanup plan would create jobs. See, for example, at

Here is a brief excerpt from Greenwire:

AIR POLLUTION: Power plant union asks Congress to delay EPA rules

A labor union that is usually a stalwart supporter of the Obama administration is asking Congress to delay U.S. EPA's new rules on toxic air pollution from coal-fired power plants, saying jobs will be lost if utilities don't get more time.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers said today that it is backing American Electric Power Co. Inc. (AEP) as it lobbies Congress to give utilities an extra five or six years to clean up or shut down their oldest coal plants...

Jim Hunter, director of IBEW's utility department, said the union worked closely with AEP on a draft bill that would delay the air toxics rules and several other looming regulations for the power sector.

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