Thursday, May 19, 2011

EPA makes technical adjustments to toxic mercury calculations for power plants

As I am sure you know, the coal-burning electric power industry and its friends on Capitol Hill are pulling out all the stops to derail proposed EPA mercury/toxic pollution standards for coal and oil-burning electric power plants.

Part of the industry onslaught involves claiming that EPA had made “significant” errors in calculating how much mercury pollution would be reduced. Power industry reps have called on EPA to withdraw the rule.

It turns out that EPA does need to make a technical adjustment based on its continuing review of the information. See EPA’s letter on this at

This is really much ado about very little. EPA’s cleanup plan is still crucial. Power companies will still need to use state of the air pollution controls. This technical adjustment is no reason to delay these critical public health protections.

In fact, I would argue this episode shows the system works. EPA strives to base its standards on science and the facts. And that’s what it is doing here.

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