Friday, April 15, 2011

"CSX" Ed Whitfield slams TVA coal cleanup

You have to hand it to Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-KY). He is consistent in his fealty to coal. Here is his latest:

from Environment & Energy Daily

The Kentucky congressman who oversees the Clean Air Act had harsh words yesterday for the Tennessee Valley Authority's new plan to clean up the air pollution from its coal-fired power plants.

The board of the federally owned utility moved yesterday to approve a deal with U.S. EPA, several states and environmental groups, all of which had accused TVA of violating federal air pollution rules.

By agreeing to shut down 18 coal-fired boilers and spend $3 billion to $5 billion on new pollution controls for others, TVA could end up charging higher electricity prices to its ratepayers, said Rep. Ed Whitfield, the Republican who chairs the House Energy and Commerce subpanel on energy and power. The agreement is an "outrageous" example of environmentalists and EPA officials being allowed to decide energy policy, he said.

"Today's announcement by TVA is a prime example of what is wrong with national environmental policy in the United States," Whitfield said in a statement. "It is being determined by privately settled lawsuits and monetary payoffs with absolutely no input from elected representatives in the Congress. We intend for this to stop."

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