Monday, April 04, 2011

155 House members (enough to sustain a Presidential veto) support Clean Air Act

With Congress expected this week to take up the Republican-led assault on the Clean Air Act, 155 members of Congress have written a letter supporting the Clean Air Act. See below

I believe this letter is designed to do several things:

Send a strong signal to the President that Congress has his back if he vetoes anti-clean air legislation. (The 155 would be more than enough to support a Presidential veto.) Obviously, this is an important signal as Republican budget negotiators seek to block EPA authority through the spending legislation being negotiated in secret.) Perhaps this will persuade the anti-EPA House Republicans to stand down. It may give the President leverage on the budget negotiations. And put a little lead in the proverbial presidential pencil.

Set the stage for the expected vote this week on the so-called Upton legislation which would eliminate EPA authority to set climate-related rules. You will note the letter specifically references the greenhouse gas issue.

Here is a link to the letter

And here is the list:

The following 155 Members of Congress signed the April 4, 2011 Waxman-Dingell-Rush letter to Speaker Boehner regarding the Clean Air Act.
Ackerman Doggett Lipinski Ruppersberger
Andrews Edwards Lofgren Rush
Baldwin Ellison Lowey Ryan, T.
Bass, K. Engel Lujan Sablan
Becerra Eshoo Lynch Sanchez, Linda
Berkley Farr Maloney Sanchez, Loretta
Berman Fattah Markey Sarbanes
Blumenauer Filner Matsui Schakowsky
Brady Frank McCarthy Schiff
Braley Fudge McCollum Schwartz
Brown Garamendi McDermott Scott, B.
Capps Green, A. McGovern Serrano
Capuano Grijalva McNerney Sherman
Carnahan Gutierrez Meeks Sires
Carney Hanabusa Michaud Slaughter
Carson Hastings Miller, B. Smith, Adam
Castor Heinrich Miller, G. Speier
Christensen Higgins Moore Stark
Chu Himes Moran Sutton
Cicilline Hinchey Murphy, C. Thompson, B.
Clarke, H. Hinojosa Nadler Thompson, M.
Clarke, Y. Hirono Napolitano Tierney
Clay Holt Neal Tonko
Cleaver Honda Norton Towns
Cohen Inslee Olver Tsongas
Connolly Israel Pallone Van Hollen
Conyers Jackson Pascrell Velazquez
Cooper Jackson-Lee Pastor Visclosky
Courtney Johnson, E.B. Payne Wasserman Schultz
Crowley Johnson, H. Perlmutter Waters
Cummings Keating Peters Watt
Davis, D. Kildee Pingree Waxman
Davis, S. Kucinich Polis Weiner
DeFazio Langevin Price, D. Welch
DeGette Larsen Quigley Wilson
DeLauro Larson Rangel Woolsey
Deutch Lee, B. Richardson Wu
Dicks Levin Rothman Yarmuth
Dingell Lewis Roybal-Allard

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