Thursday, February 24, 2011

UN study: deal with global warming by limiting black carbon, ozone

This is a very important study. Among its highlights:
Reducing black carbon and tropospheric ozone now will slow the rate of climate change within the first half of this century. Climate benefits from reduced ozone are achieved by reducing emissions of some of its precursors,especially methane which is also a powerful greenhouse gas. These short-lived climate forcers – methane, black carbon and ozone – are fundamentally different from longer-lived greenhouse gases, remaining in the atmosphere for only a relatively short time. Deep and immediate carbon dioxide reductions are required to protect long-term climate,
as this cannot be achieved by addressing short-lived climate forcers.

A small number of emission reduction measures targeting black carbon and
ozone precursors could immediately begin to protect climate, public health,
water and food security, and ecosystems. Measures include the recovery of methane from coal, oil and gas extraction and transport, methane capture in waste management, use of clean-burning stoves for residential cooking, diesel particulate filters for vehicles and the banning of field burning of agricultural waste. Widespread implementation is achievable with existing technology but would require significant strategic investment and institutional arrangements.

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LL Norton said...

Of course, the Obama administration has proposed to eliminate money for the diesel cleanup. As if the problem were solved!