Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest posting: car scrapping, cleaner air and charitable giving

This is a guest posting from Giveacar Ltd. in the UK.

Car scrapping and charitable giving: how US-inspired green initiatives are helping to clear the air across the pond

With traffic pollution now the major threat to clean air - according to the UK Air Quality Archive - older vehicles are among the worst culprits when it comes to clogging up our lungs with dirty air, and we need to get them off the road pronto.

Over in the UK, and inspired by the thousands of car donation schemes in the US (such as the Kidney Car Foundation), new fundraising organization Giveacar
( determined to lessen the environmental impact of older vehicles in Britain.

Of the 1 million vehicles that come off the roads in the UK every year, only half are handled in an environmentally safe way. A large proportion of the remaining million vehicles are brought back onto the roads after being supposedly disposed of by unauthorized, ‘cowboy’ scrappers. This unregulated re-commissioning of vehicles - what UK car salvage specialist Bluecycle calls the “Lazarus effect” – clearly poses serious air pollution (not to mention safety) hazards.

So, the founder, 24-year-old Tom Chance, had to find a way to encourage people to give up their end-of-life cars, and keep them off the roads for good. Using the model of as a springboard, he provides a free service that arranges for the collection and safe recycling of end-of-life vehicles; he then donates the majority of the proceeds to a charity of the owner’s choice on their behalf. It’s a simple service that provides multiple benefits – to the people who need to get rid of their cars, to the charities in need of donations, and to the environment.

In cases where a donated vehicle is still of value and in working order - and in recognition of the environmental cost of manufacturing a new car - Giveacar instead opts to salvage it through auction, thereby increasing the revenue raised for charity.

Since it began in January 2010, Giveacar has managed to raise over $300,000 for over 250 charities, and campaigns to highlight the importance of scrapping cars in an environmentally responsible manner.
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