Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The billionaire boy's club assails cap & trade

Please note information below on the “mass demonstration” this morning against the Northeastern climate program known as RGGI.

As you probably know, Americans for Prosperity is an Astroturf front group at least partly funded by the Koch family. (Which is also helping fund an effort to block California’s climate law.)

A little background here:

and in The New Yorker:

So it’s really a grassroots group brought to you by oil billionaires.

This demonstration is another example of how the climate issue has been swept up in the reactionary rip current.

RGGI, of course, was started by a Republican Governor (George Pataki of New York) and, as one of my reporter friends noted, proceeds from its auctions are being used to reduce the state deficits in New York and New Jersey.


***ACTIVIST ALERT -- AFP "Cap & Trade" Protest - Wednesday, September 8 in NYC!!!***
Monday, August 30th 2010

AFP will be holding a mass demonstration and protest in New York City, September 8 at 11am.

This event will take place right at the RGGI offices on Wall St. (90 Church St.) at the exact same time when the next secretive "Cap & Trade" auction is taking place.

This is our chance to blow the lid off of this "Cap & Trade" scheme that is already taxing businesses and consumers in our state.

You and I need to stop this scam now before it spreads to other states and permanently wrecks our nation's economy.

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