Friday, August 06, 2010

For those of you with a sense of irony and justice: EPA sues power plant that President Bush once touted

Yes, it seems like only yesterday that President Bush toured the coal-burning power plant in Monroe, Michigan, to make fun of the US EPA and to tout his polluter-friendly changes to new source review – loopholes that were later found illegal by a federal court. His 2003 visit (and rhetoric) remains memorialized here:

Turn the clock ahead to yesterday, when the new EPA sued the plant’s owner, DTE Energy, for violating the Clean Air Act by increasing pollution at the very same power plant without installing modern pollution controls:

Needless to say, the EPA under President Bush did not press charges.

I offer this up for those of you who look for examples of how things are different under the current administration. In this case, it rightly decided to enforce the law.

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