Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Industry apologist Joe Lieberman does it again! Suggests "breather" for big polluters

You’ve got to hand it to Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman: he isn’t shy about apologizing for the biggest and most vile polluters.

Think back. It seems like only yesterday Lieberman was describing lobbyists for BP and other big oil companies as “our new friends.”

You may recall the context. Lieberman and cohorts John Kerry and Lindsey Graham were meeting with these oily friends in an effort to promote more offshore oil drilling in what someone called a “grand” bargain (grand for the big polluters) – the vain hope that the oil lobbyists would persuade oil-patch senators to vote for a cap on carbon emissions.

Several weeks later, the Deepwater Horizon Disaster sank that plan.

Oblivious to reality, Lieberman is at is again: This time apologizing for his pals in the dirty electric power industry, who are angling to kill or delay vital EPA clean-air requirements as the price of agreeing to a weak climate bill.

Yesterday Lieberman – who with Kerry may have worn out the knee area of his suits kissing so many sooty industry rings -- made the bizarre and most ironic assertion that the polluters “just want a breather” from clean-air standards.

"That's a tough one. They frame it in a different way. They just want a breather. And not an eternal pre-emption. These are all topics of negotiation. That's what we're supposed to be doing here."

I want to praise my friends with the Center for American Progress for taking Lieberman to task:

But why does this apologist for dirty industries get such a pass from the rest of the media?

Isn’t it about time for Lieberman to apologize to breathers for his behavior?

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