Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New report underscores need to crack down on power plant pollution

The report out today about power plant emissions (on NRDC’s website at http://www.nrdc.org/air/pollution/benchmarking/2008/benchmark2008.pdf ) demonstrates why the EPA needs to take decisive action to reduce power plant emissions that harm people’s health.

As the report notes

The electric industry in the U.S. is a major source of air pollution. • In 2008, power plants were responsible for 66 percent of SO2 emissions, 19 percent of NOx emissions, and 72 percent of mercury air emissions in the U.S.

We encourage the US EPA to move ahead to clean up power plant emissions. There is no bigger or more dangerous source of air pollution in this country.

We hope an EPA proposal to limit emissions that blow across state lines will be announced this week. But that will be only the first step in what needs to be done to protect our health from power plant pollution.

It’s little wonder that some of the dirtiest power companies would like to kneecap EPA.

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