Friday, June 19, 2009

New report finds stunning (good) results on diesel cleanup potential, while Obama and Congress fumble

This report came out yesterday from the Health Effects Institute and hasn’t received anywhere near the publicity it perhaps should have.

The study found that modern pollution controls are eliminating 99% of the particle soot emissions from big new diesel engines used in trucks and buses.

The real-world results are almost 90% cleaner than required under EPA standards.

These are stunning results. They demonstrate just how effective modern pollution controls are in cleaning up diesel soot from new engines.

And the timing is ironic: just last evening, the House Appropriations Committee rejected efforts to increase spending to apply similar pollution controls to existing diesel engines. The Obama Administration had put a meager $60 million in the budget for this effort. There are millions of these engines out there, spewing away and causing thousands of premature deaths a year.

This is an area where both the Obama Administration and Congress are really dropping the ball.

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