Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Navistar sues to block EPA diesel truck pollution standards

Truck and engine manufacturer Navistar Inc. has challenged the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to certify heavy-duty diesel engines using selective catalytic reduction to meet the agency’s 2010 standards for emissions of nitrogen oxides.

Navistar tried to go cheap on pollution control technology and has not kept up with its competitors.

So now it is trying to use the courts so it can keep selling less-effective technology. (Earlier, EPA rejected Navistar’s call for a delay in the standards for nitrogen oxides, which are scheduled to begin with new trucks in the 2010 model year.)

If Navistar wins, breathers will suffer.

The Warrenville, Ill.-based manufacturer has asked a federal appeals court to review EPA’s certification requirements for SCR engines and whether the agency must go through the lengthy process of amending its 2001 rule setting emissions limits for diesel engines before it certifies engines using SCR.

Navistar is the only North American truck manufacturer that is not using SCR to meet the new standard of 0.2 grams of NOx per brake-horsepower hour and has publicly called for a softening of the looming deadline to allow fleets to purchase 2007-compliant technology after Jan. 1, 2010.


Randy said...

Keep Rollin That Diesel Smoke Boys

Appalachian said...

I side with Navistar, the regulations are too tight

Anonymous said...

I work for Navistar. The 2007 EGR is NO different from their advanced EGR. They are buying credits to get by.