Tuesday, April 14, 2009

White House completes review of EPA "endangerment" finding on global warming

The White House Office of Management and Budget reports that it completed its review yesterday of EPA’s proposed finding that greenhouse gases pose a threat to health and the environment. (See below)

I think this means we could expect the announcement at any time – perhaps as soon as tomorrow. (Or perhaps as late as Earth Day – April 22.)

It will be a landmark moment in environmental history. It’s the first step in creating a comprehensive, federal climate change policy.

This ought to make a sometimes balky Congress get serious about doing something. One thing is pretty clear: if Congress doesn’t act, the Obama administration will begin to take action on global warming.


[From the White House Office of Management and Budget]

RIN: 2060-ZA14
TITLE: Proposal for Endangerment Finding for Greehouse Gases under the Clean Air Act
STAGE: Proposed Rule
RECEIVED DATE: 03/20/2009
** COMPLETED: 04/13/2009
COMPLETED ACTION: Consistent with Change

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