Monday, April 20, 2009

Clean Air Watch debates global warming with Grover Norquist

From KSRO radio in California:

Is Obama's EPA Clean Up Just Hot Air?
Posted 4/20/2009

President Barack Obama has chosen global warming as the ground on which to make his first tough political stand. The President declared greenhouse gases a threat to public health, marking a major step toward federal limits on the carbon dioxide emissions scientists blame for global warming. It paves the way for the White House to regulate emissions from vehicles and effectively force the U.S. auto fleet to be cleaner and more efficient. Hear the Morning Show's HEATED debate...Grover Norquist, The President of Americans for Tax ReformFrank O'Donnell, President of the environmental group, Clean Air Watch


Olive Vance said...

Wait a minute. Isn't this Norquist the same guy who was laundering money for that sleazebag Jack Abramoff?

Sadie Keffler said...

I am just back from a funeral. Who is Jack Abramoff?

Blanche Cottom said...

Don't you remember?

He was bribing congressmen so Indians could open casinos -- or was it so some Indians could stop other Indians from opening rival casinos? Something like that. Oh, sorry -- guess we're supposed to say Native Americans now!

Anyway, I think he's doing time now.