Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clean Air Watch hears from a potentially fetid fellow... who calls himself a "patriot"

[A note to Clean Air Watch from paulpastor@windstream.net ] :


I woke up this morning and read a story about a kid getting suspended from riding the bus for farting.

They also mentioned in the article that another child at a nearby school was arrested for farting in class.

An after viewing your web page and reading how deeply involved our judges and politicians are in making decisions for me and my family, I realized that the US is a socialist country and wants to tie than hands of capitalism and molest freedom until it bleeds for mercy. (sounds like what Karl Marx's intentions were)

I would suggest a few good books for you to read regarding the life of planets but I think your opinion is already cemented in unreality and wearing your wife's options.

Good luck and my friends will cast a few smelly farts for you.

A patriot.

Paul Pastor

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L.L. Norton said...

I can smell this guy Paul from here. Whew!