Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chamber of Commerce crybabies don't like criticism

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce sure loves to dish it out.

Remember the silly commercial it did attacking the so-called Lieberman-Warner climate bill? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XevRKc82soI

But it turns out the Chamber can't take it when someone dares to criticize its positions.

In this case, the criticism came from our friends at the Natural Resources Defense Council, who found shortcomings in a Chamber of Commerce affiliate "blueprint" energy plan for the next President and Congress. http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/tspencer/us_chamber_green_energy_push_u.html

The Chamber is so thin-skinned that it replied with an ad-hominem slam against NRDC:

I particularly enjoyed this from the Chamber crybabies:
Maybe we should just turn off the lights and sit in the

The truth is, the NRDC folks were probably being too diplomatic, since the Chamber's house of horrors includes such odious -- and old -- anti-environmental plans as gutting the Clean Air Act's new source review plan (don't worry, boys, we hear the Bush team plans an 11th-hour push on that), repealing the big Supreme Court case on global warming (they tried that, but failed) and taking away the rights of California and other states to limit greenhouse gas emissions (another Bush policy we hope will be reversed by the next President).

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