Tuesday, June 03, 2008

White House: Prez would veto climate bill!

As the U.S. Senate settled down to debate the so-called Lieberman-Warner climate bill, the White House wasted no time announcing that the President "would veto this bill" if it passed (which, it won't, thanks to the opposition of rascals such as Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers).


When in doubt, the White House pulls out the old "tax and spend" line -- and so they did it again here. The Bush administration's clear approach is to hype projected costs --taking some of the worst-case projections made of earlier versions of this legislation -- and try to scare the senators into thinking that passing this bill would be all harm, no gain.

But, as Chris Holly astutely notes in today's The Energy Daily:

"Ironically, the White House last week issued a congressionally mandated report—four years late and under a court order—that concludes global warming will exacerbate water shortages for agriculture and urban use across the United States; sharply increase heat-related deaths in metro areas; cause billions of dollars in damages from hurricanes, storms and wildfires; and increase the spread of disease from insect infestations and food- and waterborne microbes."

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