Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The noose tightens: Waxman subpoenas EPA documents over dirty decision

The plot continues to thicken over the obviously White House-directed EPA decision to reject California’s greenhouse gas standards for motor vehicles.

Today, Rep. Henry Waxman issued a subpoena to compel EPA to provided “unredacted” copies of documents that have been withheld from Waxman’s oversight committee. See below.

You have to be impressed at the methodical nature of Waxman’s investigation of this dirty decision.

Will the Bush administration try to invoke “Executive Privilege?” That would be an admission that the White House meddled in a decision that was supposed to be up to EPA.

And will the Bush administration try to retaliate against EPA whistleblowers? (Some House Republicans led by Tom Davis of Virginia appear to be trying to retaliate. C’mon Tom! Go get your lobbying job and stop wasting tax money!)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008Environment

Chairman Waxman Issues Subpoena for EPA Documents

Chairman Henry A. Waxman today issued a subpoena to compel EPA to provide unredacted copies of documents involving the White House that have been improperly withheld from the Committee regarding EPA’s decision to reject California’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles. The subpoena compels production of approximately 100 EPA documents involving the White House. Chairman Waxman released the following statement:

“The Committee has found evidence that EPA officials met with the White House regarding California’s motor vehicle regulations. Subsequently, EPA blocked California from moving forward with its landmark program to address climate change. Unfortunately, EPA has refused to disclose the substance and extent of its communications with the White House. The Committee must have these documents in order to understand how the agency’s decision was made.”

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