Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mississippi official trolls for other states to join lawsuit against EPA smog standards

I guess this was inevitable, given that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour opposed tougher national smog standards (as did his local power company, Mississippi Power, a subsidiary of the ever-polluting Southern Company.)

Now a deputy attorney general in Mississippi is seeking other states to join in suing to block the tougher smog standards. (See e-mail, below.) It notes that Mississippi has been told that other states, including AL, LA, TX, ARK, GA, SC, IN, may be interested in joining the suit. (Interestingly, this guy’s boss, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, is a Democrat.) Most of these states had lobbied against tougher standards, using thoroughly discredited arguments.

So here is a brief peek behind the curtain. Here’s how someone starts the ball rolling on a law suit.

I see the guiding hand of the coal-burning electric power industry behind this new effort. The irony, of course, is that the EPA standards were weaker than recommended by the agency’s science advisers. But this crowd seems bent on blocking all progress.


From: Hunter, Jeffrey []
Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2008 9:22 AM
Subject: Request from Mississippi re: States' Suit v. EPA - Clean Air

This is being sent to all Chief Deputies.

Mississippi would like to know if any other state AGs are looking into a possible suit against the EPA to stop enforcment of the new, more stringent Clean Air Act standards for ozone? They have been told that several states' governors, possibly, AL, LA, TX, ARK, GA, SC, IN, may be interested in filing such a lawsuit.

If you have any information to share, please contact Mike Lanford directly (601) 359-3680 or email

Thank you.


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