Thursday, April 10, 2008

EPA science advisers again slam agency head over weak smog standards

You could perhaps have guessed this was coming. EPA’s independent science advisers have once again slammed Steve Johnson for the agency”s weak smog standards. See link below to their letter.

Some of the relevant language: "the members of the CASAC Ozone Review Panel do not endorse the new primary ozone standard as being sufficiently protective of public health."

The letter also emphasizes that “a change in the form of the secondary standard was scientifically well-justified." (You will recall the White House intervened to block the change sought by EPA. That was a victory for agricultural interests, which had lobbied against the change.)

The science advisers express hope that the next head of the EPA will do better.

But this was a real missed opportunity to follow the science and protect both people’s health and the environment.$File/EPA-CASAC-08-009-unsigned.pdf

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